About Us

For over 20 years we developed and supervised personal and third parties property, which include different sectors, such as residential, productive/manufacturing, business and executive sectors.

Moreover, Guarfin real estate is involved in the development of building areas intended for different uses, starting from the conception to the realisation of the properties themselves.

Our offices are situated among the green, in the area between Marco Polo Airport, Venice and Mestre. Those offices are the core of our activities and the origin of the first drafts of projects for the real estate development.

Our strength is a permanent meditation on the sustainability of real estate development, enforced by real estate proficiency and professionalism, together with an accurate historical knowledge of the territory and the companies working on it.

Since 2013 we specialised on temporary lease agreements and co-housing of students and young workers.

Contact us
For info: link@guarfin.com
Ph: +39 041 5351070
Fax: +39 0415351027